Bar Stars

Justin Zora

Justin's Bio:
Born in Providence Rhode Island and raised throughout the United States including once calling Florida, Texas and Tennessee all his home state; Justin Zora has spent almost half his 36 years working diligently in the entertainment industry. Whether it's stand-up comedy, hosting events reaching 10,000 attendees, or simply behind the bar, Zora is never out of the spotlight.

His Experience: 
Now residing in Boise, Zora says having the opportunity to own and operate three separate evening  establishments (restaurant, night club as well as a county bar) offered up a wealth of opportunities to internalize every aspect of the eclectic service industry. "Being able to throw a party for three hundred people on any given night is really an art form." Zora says.

Why Justin:
Justin's specialty revolves in his ability to create meaningful relationships. "What ever bar I'm in I've always felt like it's the real life version of Cheers, but instead of one Norm, we have 83." Zora adds.  Getting to know his guests, their  families, favorite foods and of course “beverage of choice” is what sets him apart in his industry. It is this background that brought him to the wonderful world of reality  television, starring as Pour Master in The Next Best Bartender.  When  Zora is not mixing up memories in a night club or on the set, he is busy at home in Idaho raising his three children with his amazing wife  Katie.