Idaho Potato Drop

All about the Potato Drop!

In late October of 2012 we were sitting in our living room chatting about plans for Christmas and New Years… As we were talking and flipping channels watching TV a program came on talking about the history of the Times Square Ball Drop in New York City. We began talking about how Boise could really benefit from a large-scale New Year’s event… A light bulb came on and I had the idea of dropping a massive potato off the US Bank building.
We presented the idea to the Special Events team at Boise City Hall and it was very well received. With only 2 months before New Years we tried to make the event happen in 2012. We had an offer from an e-cigarette company that was willing to fund all the expenses for putting on the event. After some soul searching and a round of great advice from the staff at KTVB we decided to put another full year into the planning of the event and to create something that would be family oriented and fun for all ages. Its taken hundreds of meetings and the effort of a full team to prepare for the potato drop. We aim to create Idaho history!
Many Idaho companies are donating their products and services to fund the Idaho Potato Drop and make it great for everyone. We'll be selling their donations here via Grotato at great deals and will donate a portion of all the proceeds to schools and charities. Please help and get involved. This Potato Drop is going to be great for everyone!!!