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    Artist Bio for Sonja, Aka: LittleLadyFish

    Sonja is your typical nerdy introvert who likes to draw things, frequently, and can usually be found hunched over a digital computer tablet for hours at a time. She hails from a small ski town in Colorado but currently loves life here in Boise. As jack of all trades in the art game, she enjoys intricate costuming, performing late night karaoke and working diligently on multiple illustrations. Primarily a digital artist, she often sneaks out of her cave to dabble in watercolor and acrylic mediums. When she isn’t contributing to The Freak Alley Gallery or slinging slices at a pizzeria, she’s burning the midnight oil working on an epic graphic novel that is due to drop online in July of 2015. While small talk isn’t her greatest strength, she hopes to inspire people with fun, colorful illustrations, smiles and a boisterous love for creative expression.

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    Artist Bio for Natalie Dawn:

    Natalie is a Boise native inspired by various forms of art including abstract and impressionism. Discovering her passion at an early age has led Natalie into many ventures including skateboard design, face-painting, and home decor. Natalie aspires to design artwork for unorthodox canvases and branch into the community for projects that desire a certain edge.