$5000 Contribution

$5000 and the Company will receive then following:

  • Will be listed as a exclusive sponsor in their vertical, and will have first right of refusal when Bar Code is syndicated. 
  • Will be present on all merchandise used to fund Bar Code. 
  • Will have premium placement in the pilots and will be mentioned by name.
  • Will be listed as a sponsor in the credits of every production released during and up to the pilots (weekly teasers, cover stores, outtakes etc.)
  • Will be present on all forms of media (Radio, TV, Social Media, Grotato and any print)
  • Will have exclusive rights to and the ability to be present at pilot release parties 
  • Will receive 5 keys, 5 shirts, 5 tins, 10 VIP passes for release, and 10 VIP passes for each location 
  • Will receive a Limited Edition DVD of both Pilots